My Story

How I Began and Where I’m Headed

I am a teacher and a certified health and life coach.  As a teacher, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and I have worked and lived in several different countries. Often, teaching merged with coaching,  which lead to helping many of my students to improve various aspects of their lives. 

I started my healing journey in 2003. When the term “empath” became a trending term, it became clear to me that I was one.  This clarified many things for me especially throughout my childhood because I was a sensitive child surrounded by family members that did not know how to cope with my sensitivities and gifts so instead, they stifled them with emotional and physical abuse. 

I say very humbly that I am an empath because I believe everyone has empathic abilities but some of us have had experiences that have brought forward and enhanced those capacities. These empathic abilities can either empower us or debilitate us. 

For many years, emotions which I now know were not only mine but also were influenced by those around me, constantly became all too much.  As a result, I drank too much alcohol, smoked too much weed and binge ate in attempts to numb all the overwhelming emotions, energy, and pain that I was feeling.

When I became more self-aware, I began to obsess with “fixing” myself, so I tried numerous different healing modalities throughout my journey all of which have helped in some way or another though nothing has empowered me more than myself; using my own intuition and my spirit to identify what needed to be healed and what was needed to help myself.   

I found there was nothing to “fix”, I just needed to accept myself and use my abilities to empower myself.  Throughout my journey and experiences, I have found effective techniques to avoid falling back into harmful habits.

We are sovereign beings, and all the answers and wisdom lie within us.  At times, we just need a little push or guidance to help us through our journey and that is where I can help, just as other intuitive and wise people have helped me.

My intention with Empowered Empath Solutions is to help other people, especially empaths to empower themselves and have a place where they can connect with other empaths to share their experiences and feel understood and supported, instead of isolated as many empaths do.